Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Give me thy wisdom

Do you agree with me that you can't have a non-sequiter as an opening statement? It would have to follow something else to make it a non-sequiter right?

I'm sorry if this is too much thinking.

The Dutch Oven

In the same vein as Jeff asking questions but never providing the answer: does anyone know why a dutch oven is so named? Please let me know your theories.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Ladies, we can now rest easy

Link to full 3 minute video below

On the brighter side of life

Here are the positives that can come out of this move:
  1. We saw a frosty-the-tiger GRRREAT place last night.
  2. It's about 100 feet away from The Farm.
  3. The red tin is bound to re-appear at some point in the stages of moving, right?
  4. No CRAZY landlady anymore.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Out damn spot!

Ater all this time, I can't believe I never blogged about the crazy landlady. So many good stories, but most of you probably already know them.

But last night, we were served notice.

That's right. As we were showing our superbowl guests out [smoking a cigarette], Crazy Wendy came up to us and informed us that she wasn't renewing our lease.

Why you ask? So did we.

a) We smoke. In the back of the garden as agreed to with Crazy Wendy.
b) We don't do enough to upkeep the garden. In the dead of winter. With snow on the ground.
c) We don't check the communal mailbox often enough.
d) It's just not working out.

So, we leave in 2 weeks for a glorious 2 week holiday. Come back. And have to be out 2 weeks later. Good times!

The real sucky part is that I love this apartment.

: (