Thursday, April 17, 2008

My fox Reny

Got me a dog.

Been waiting to get one against my own good advice for years.

Then went and got me a dog.

(dog = god backwards, another reason god loves me.)

Reny the fox she is and she's adorable.

Come one and all to see her.

Just not all at the same time please.

* Free dog walkers can apply at any time *

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I got game... and burgers

The night started innocently enough.... The monthly meeting of the Burger Club! This month: Shake Shack. In honour of Spring to come but that just wasn't quite there, but it was ok because there were heat lamps.

We get in line to order. We get in line to pick up. And then someone offers us Knicks tickets! So, burger scarfed quickly, taxi hailed, and we're at the Garden. Club seats!

Game good. Waitresses good. Then they bring out the 'cheerleaders' and they're doing that shoot-a-t-shirt-at-the-crowd thing. Seen it many times before and 'eh?'

But all of a sudden, I got the fever for a t-shirt. I got so excited, but what were the chances? And then it happened...

A t-shirt ricocheted off the face of a little kid nearby and landed in my lap!! Mine. So mine. That kid had a giant foam finger (which makes me think of pooping [or not] at Shea Stadium, but that's a story for another time), so what else did he need?

I instantly decided to not feel bad... or look him or his father in the eye and took my prize home.

Have been sleeping in it every night since (without washing it). Decided against Adam's advice to wave it around and yell "suck on it kid" when we ended up across the subway platform from them at the end of the night.

See, god does love me.