Saturday, January 10, 2009

This one is for Jessie

I swear this is all true...

So I read a few of Jessie's posts about Twilight and didn't think too much of it...Sounded interesting but the chances that I would go buy the books or see the movie were slim. But then my Bro-in-law bought it for me.

So I read it in hours and fell in love with the teenage angst and felt lonely when it was finished and I wasn't with Bella and Edward anymore. I debated going to the bookstore for New Moon but then snow and laziness set in.

So, I was walking past our bookcase (where I would have sworn I knew all the books there) and suddenly saw New Moon sitting there. Neither Adam or I have any idea where or who it came from. Brilliant though.

Sit down to read (Adam upstairs watching tv) and get to a part where Bella is begging Edward to let her become one of them.... and I kid you not, 2 seconds later Alphaville's Forever Young drifts down from upstairs. "Forever young, do you want to be forever young...Do you want to live forever, forever, forever young..." I might have shed a tear.

I keep reading and naturally come to a part where Bella falls down. And suddenly from the tv upstairs (I have not idea what he's watching) comes Cyndi Lauper's Time After Time: "If you fall, I will catch you, I will be waiting...time after time"

Spooky right? Now I just need Edward to materialize in my living room. Shivers.

Womanizer? More like Little Girlanizer

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Vomit eye

From one of my fav Brit trash mags:

"There was a time when Lindsay Lohan used to be an actress. And quite a good one. Now, frankly, she has less reason to call herself an actress than Paris Hilton. Paris at least stars in films, even if they do make your eyes vomit."

I love a good eye vomiting.

Bon Fin de L'Annee (Or Art Vanderley)

Happy New Years to all (and Jeff). Bummed I wasn't with the gang either. Or that Jefe didn't make it either. Still waiting for the someone to post about the Shenanigans please.

Jeff, I did buy you a present in Paris even though I wasn't intending to.

Paris was fabulous ... and I didn't fall off the balcony, so I consider it a success.

Hope we can all get together soon.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Adam's Nocturnal Admission

"Reny, what's more interesting? The chickens in the walls or sleeping in a bed?"


"This is what happens when you buy dog treats and beef jerky on the same shopping trip."

-- Adam, after he ate Reny's dog treats. Which apparently tasted better than the beef jerky.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What happened to the Kelly I used to know?

I'm starting to buy in to the latest (Tom)Cruise (Spin)Control:

(1) I smiled while reading the recent People cover story.

(2) I watched Mission Impossible III on a plane the other night.

(3) I'm starting to at least consider that he might not be gay or at least not in a long-term relationship with Will Smith.

However, I'm still worried about Suri's nose as she gets older.

I think I need help.

p.s. I also voted on an USmagazine online poll about whether I felt more favorable to him these days. Answer: Yes