Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What happened to the Kelly I used to know?

I'm starting to buy in to the latest (Tom)Cruise (Spin)Control:

(1) I smiled while reading the recent People cover story.

(2) I watched Mission Impossible III on a plane the other night.

(3) I'm starting to at least consider that he might not be gay or at least not in a long-term relationship with Will Smith.

However, I'm still worried about Suri's nose as she gets older.

I think I need help.

p.s. I also voted on an USmagazine online poll about whether I felt more favorable to him these days. Answer: Yes


rd said...

1) he is most definitely gay
2) what;s wrong with suri's nose?
3) i think suri is a few months older than they let onto, and also adopted or not tom's

Kitty said...

Wasn'r Suri conceived using L Ron Hubbard's cryogenically frozen sperm?

Anonymous said...

MI3 sucked and you know i love mindless, explosion-laden, action.

These old farts need to step aside and let the new young hunks take over the magazine covers.

rd said...

so when is your photo shoot jeff?

popOmatic Jeff said...

rd - haha! I'm ready for my close up.